2021 & Me

2021 started with me preparing for JEE went into me leaving it and ended with me preparing for it again. The year was pretty wild for me I learned to code, traveled to India, started reading, started writing, binge-watched a hell lotta series on Netflix (God bless Moviesverse’s developers and contributors), got into college, left college, and did a lot of other shit.

In 2021 I picked up reading as a hobby and I am so glad I did it. I read a wide range of books from Young Adult Fiction to Popular Science Books, Historical Fiction to Economics, Memoirs to Essays. I must say out of all the books I read, fiction in particular historical fiction is my favorite genre. Being a student buying books was not an option for me so I almost got all the books from Libgen and Z-Library for free. Some books were epic some were okayish and some were terrible to get through. In total, I read 30 books (the books that I finished) in 2021.

All the books I read in 2021

I left JEE preparation officially in March of 2021 I am saying officially because unofficially I had left in 2020 or maybe ending 2019 but I still used to study JEE syllabus well kind of study not really study study because I didn’t had anything else to do but in March of 2021 I committed that I am not gonna go back to it again I left it completely, what is that phrase I abandoned it. After leaving JEE I started to learn to code I got into web dev made a bunch of projects got interested in algorithms so started getting into competitive programming (not really competitive programming kind of problem-solving), side note if you are interested in competitive programming just start with any language except JavaScript.

My GitHub

I gave JEE 2021 anyway, failed got 83 percentile didn’t get any college I actually didn’t even sit for counseling knowing that there is nothing for me and lakhs of students like me. I hate this exam well that is another thing I am right now preparing for it again while writing this blog because I got no other option I actually got a college (IT branch) through PMSSS scholarship based on 12th class marks all the way down in South India (Puducherry) I went to college on 22nd November left it on the 23rd of November (for financial reasons) and started my JEE preparation again on the 25th of November.

There is still 1 month left to this year and that will be spent fully on preparation. Life is at a place where I don’t know why I am doing what I am doing, I wanna write but I can’t because JEE is coming I don’t wanna study chemistry but I can’t leave it because it is the easiest part of the paper I wanna code but there is no time for it.




I write sometimes

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Sakib Hussain

Sakib Hussain

I write sometimes

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